Dr Hari SinghMy name is Dr. Hari Singh and I am a Qualified Ayurveda doctor. I have done my B.A.M.S ( Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and surgery) from Delhi University and at the moment I have my own clinic where i treat people with ayurvedic medicines and procedures.

As a general person’s perception, I feel that people treat or think ayurveda like a secondary method of treatment, which is not true. Ayurveda has its own plus and minuses. The biggest plus of it, is that, this is the most natural way to treat any problem and has a minimum side effect rate.(Perhaps 0% side effects).

My main purpose to write this blog is to show people that how this therapy is wonderful and beneficial. I want to let people know the benefits of ayurveda. We live in a modern world and internet is the most powerful medium to express ones thoughts. So I thought to take benefit of it and I am here.

I hope that I could keep my views in a right manner and people will get correct information and benefits from it. What I feel that this mode has some wonderful treatment for some of diseases which are told as untreatable in modern treatment.

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