3 easy and natural ways to cure constipation

constipation problemConstipation is one of the most common problems. When you don’t feel fully freshen up, you always feel down. You feel like lazy and lack of energy. Constipation is one of the major causes for other diseases like pimples, loss of appetite and hemorrhoids.

The word ‘constipation’ is related to Latin word ‘constipationem’ which means ‘to press’. This is a digestion system related condition. When the colon starts absorbing excess amount of water from the food stuff in itself, resulting constipation. Sometimes the food inside the colon travel slow in it, causing more water absorbtion from the food. Because of this the feces turn dried hard and bowel movement become painful and difficult.

It is basically a situation where the stool turns in to dry and hard form and it is difficult to pass it off. There are many reasons for this condition. Main is lack of fiber intake in your diet and small liquid or water intake. Normally people do self medication to treat this problem without any consultation to their doctor. So many over the counter laxatives etc are available in the market and they all do have their own side effects.

Constipation can be cured with only some changes in your food habits and with out any medication. When problem is severe and old, some ayurveda medicines like triphala etc are good to have along with dietary changes.

constipation cure

High fiber diet is recommended. Fresh fruits, veggies, whole grain and beans are very good source of fiber and you should increase the quantity in your food. You should drink lots of water of liquids. At least 8-10 glass of water should be taken a day. Do some exercise daily as it will also help to get rid of constipation.

Fruits consumption is the best way to combat constipation. You should eat plenty fruits daily to overcome this problem.

Taking Luke warm water in empty stomach is also helpful. Asylum husk is an ayurvedic herb which is a good natural laxative. You can take one teaspoonful of husk with warm water at bed time daily and you can get excellent results. It will make your stool soft so that it could pass out easily and quickly.

Constipation, if not taken cure, can be harmful to health. So many other diseases can happen because of it. Skin related problem like pimples and piles are some of them.
Tobacco, Alcohol. Tea, coffee or spices should be taken in less quantity.

Simple lemonade, mix some lemon juice in water alongwith black salts also useful. A popular ayurvedic medicine for constipation is Triphala powder or tablets. This is easily available in chemist shops.

I hope that above easy remedies will help people in getting rid of constipation. My main aim is to let people know the advantages of ayurveda. These are very simple things which can be done to get rid of this problem. Today we all are so busy that we even don’t have time for ourselves. But always remember a old saying “Health is wealth”

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